What guarantees does fair trade offer buyers?

What guarantees does fair trade offer buyers? About 20% more. This is all Romanians should pay for bananas, avocados or other exotic fruits so that the workers who harvest them enjoy decent working conditions and pay. The guarantee would be a little-known certification system in Romania: fair trade (Fairtrade).

Fair trade is a movement started in 1988 . That’s when a label first appeared to guarantee the consumer that branded products came from respected manufacturers. In 1997, the international certification organization FLO Fairtrade was established in Germany . Its aim is to ensure that third world workers receive adequate compensation for their work, secure working conditions, exported products that meet certain environmental standards, and the shortest possible distribution chain. Currently, 5 million farmers are certified under this program.

What other benefits does Fairtrade have?

In Romania, however, the Fairtrade system is little known at the mass level, as is the proper label. Jorge Acosta Orellana, a human rights activist in Latin America, spoke recently about the benefits it provides . Jorge is an Ecuadorian national, a former pilot of planes used to spray pesticides on banana plantations.

Exposed to the plight of the workers, he founded the trade union of Ecuadorian banana workers and farmers (ASTAC – Asociación Sindical de Trabajadores Bananeros, Agrícolas y Campesinos). For 10 years, he has been defending their rights and promoting fair trade in bananas from their country of origin. Under what conditions do those who harvest our exotic fruit work

What other benefits does Fairtrade have?

Ecuador is the world’s leading banana exporter, supplying more than 6 million cans a week . It is the country’s second economic activity after oil extraction. And while this may seem less harmful than other activities, banana production ends up damaging workers ‘ health and severely affecting the environment through the use of pesticides.

And while this may seem less harmful than other activities

Jorge described the dire situation of workers in his home country: they earn a little more than half the wage needed to survive ($280 of the $ 504 that would provide them with a living wage); half of them have no health insurance; they have no days off or the right to join unions; women earn less, even if they work as hard as men and are often sexually harassed; children end up working with their parents to help them finish their assigned time.; they are not given proper uniforms to protect against pesticides used in flight, which has a serious impact on their health – many have skin diseases and children are born with developmental defects.

What other benefits does Fairtrade have?

The Fairtrade system ensures that the situations described by Jorge do not occur in certified production units. In Ecuador, however, certified farms provide only 5% of total production. In addition to benefits for workers, Ecuadorian also mentions benefits for consumers:

And while this may seem less harmful than other activitiesThe first difference between Fairtrade products and traditional products on the market is that the former are organic. Very good, because when we consume them, we know that the environment and human rights are respected. In addition, consumers can be confident that the fruit they eat is healthy. No pesticides are used and that’s the most important thing.

Jorge Acosta Orellana believes the only way to combat traditional trade is to change consumer habits and boycott manufacturing companies . He says two such initiatives in the United States have caused Dole to withdraw its labels to sell its bananas.

What are the chances of fair trade in Romania?

According to the president of better Association , Anca Gheorghica , there are also alternatives in Romania. After a long search, he found Fairtrade-certified bananas on the Iasi market.

What are the chances of fair trade in Romania?

During a conversation with Jorge Acosta Orellana, representatives of the Ministry of Environment and Agriculture pointed out that there is a lack of fair trade in Romania in the public scheme. It is also why the Better Association has tried to bring it to the fore.

The debate was just one of the activities carried out under the Fair Trade Promotion Programme . The initiators also staged a flashmob outside the National Theatre in Bucharest in an attempt to recreate the inhumane treatment of workers in the exotic fruit sector.

In addition to the Better Association, Art Fusion, the Pencil Agency, the Institute of Social Economics, the Federation of NGOs for development (FOND) and the European Network for the promotion of responsible 20th century economy participated in organizing the action. XXI (REPER 21).

What are the chances of fair trade in Romania?

Fair trade for jobs and prosperity

One in seven jobs in the EU depend on foreign trade. Free trade creates growth and jobs and strengthens political and economic relations with third countries. While other political forces blame trade for poverty, we believe it is the best way to improve living standards and reduce poverty in the EU and globally.

By signing a free trade agreement with Canada, which was a breakthrough and which I wholeheartedly supported, Europe has demonstrated its commitment to a multilateral system of fair and free trade . We stand for openness and reject protectionism, we want to contribute to the creation of global trade rules consistent with our high standards and values.

We defend fairness in our trade relations

In today’s difficult global context, we remain committed to fair and free trade and want to open markets for our companies and products while maintaining a level playing field. The recent trade agreement with Japan is another step in this direction: it will open up a local market for European companies, which already export more than € 58 billion worth of goods and € 28 billion worth of services to Japan each year.

Our principle is transparency and openness at all stages of trade negotiations, but where necessary we defend confidentiality to get the best outcome. The EPP group supports sound and proportionate EU trade defence instruments to protect the jobs of our citizens from the illegal trade practices of third countries that flood our markets with their products. In the same way, we support the prior verification of all third country investments in the EU’s economically strategic sectors.

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